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Corsica, Pennsylvania




Marion wasn't very enthusiastic. Lyndon came by earlier.

Soft healers make stinking wounds. Everett put the gun to his head. Scott examined the contents of the box. Did Dannie tell you about what he saw on the news? Sridharan told me a week ago that he was planning to go to Australia. I thought it was my brother.

I think we need a whole new approach. Bring her in here. In what year were you born?

Hi, my name is Pekka. What is your name? Next period I take an exam in German. You asked about her? What did she say? It's been a long time coming; but tonight, because of what we did on this day, in this election, at this defining moment, change has come to America. In the meantime, we learnt from our mistakes. However, when I finally reached the castle I was thrown into this prison by the commander of the imperial guard. My favorite color of lipstick is pink. Barney touched my hand. Wolf isn't OK.

He is forgetful sometimes so never forget to remind him about the schedules. Marcos tried to conceal his passion for Cary. It's very cold here. He went into the next room and lay down. I asked Ernie if we could meet. This chair is in want of repair.

Keep the engine running. I'll be right back. Where do you put your extra change? He was very badly situated.

Pablo used to work with Raif. It is the drop in the rice pricing (blamed on consumers' loss of interest in rice and the freeing up of the international market) that is the cause. Nancy is getting off the train.

Julianto is here to help. He said that I must go.

Joon arrived here thirty minutes early.

I'm happy in here. This product is made in Italy.

The burglar gained access to the house through this door.

Where could Lori have gotten that from?

It goes without saying that you can't buy happiness. They buried it. One of my goals for the next three years is to form a band of my own. Elvis didn't close the door. European Portuguese sounds like Spanish as spoken by a Russian. Don't forget to ask follow-up questions. Sanjay is a late riser. She felt something between love and hatred. When will you move to Germany?